Ventilation Parts

Excellent Ventilation Parts and accessories used widely in the HVAC system.

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  • ventilation part - Round diffuser RSD

    1. round diffuser HVAC part
    2. For air supply or exhause in ventilation system
    3. Fixed or adjustable plastic blades for air distribution

  • ventilation parts - pipe clamp PCOR

    pipe clamps sizes from 80mm to 1250mm,without rubber
    a M8/10 hex nut on the top of dia. 80-400mm
    Application: suspension for spiral ducts

  • metal air supply valve SAV

    Metal Air Valve, air valve, supply exhause
    Specifications: 0.5mm. 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm available
    Mounting ring for clamping the mounting frame on

  • Insulated Rectangular Access Door product new RDAD

    1. Insulated glass fiber wool
    2. Rectangular duct
    3. Easy access into duct
    4. Very strong safety chain made of steel wire
    5. Quick acting closure

  • ventilation Metal Air Valve--exhaust EAV

    Metal Air Valve air valve supply exhaust
    Specifications: 0.5mm. 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm available
    Mounting ring for clamping the mounting frame on

  • Ventilation parts Iris damper product new ID

    1. Easy installation,
    2. For air volume measuring and balancing of air flows
    3. Alll sizes passed Casing Leakage Test in Belgium

  • Flat Access Ventilation AC Door FAD

    1.reasonable price and better quality
    2.large wind output,lower power consumption
    3.easy access to rectangular duct
    4.easy installation

  • Swirl diffusers for air distribution SD-CA

    1. For air return application.
    2. All steel construction.
    3. SPCC+Powder coating
    4. SD-CA 300*8

  • Ceiling diffuser 400 *16 SD-CA 400*16

    1. Ceiling diffusers, swirl diffusers
    2. 16 black plastic blades for adjustment
    3. 595*595mm for false ceiling
    4. SPCC+Powder coating

  • R type ventilation holder RH

    1. Galvanized steel
    2. with rubber vibration isolator
    3. Duct work, HVAC accessories, HVAC components
    3. ISO9001-2008
    5. Different shapes

  • Dial regulator for HVAC DR-K

    -Handle will never drop from the quadrant when the screw is loosely fixed
    -Handle never jamed at the MAX or MIN
    -Dial regulator

  • Ventilation Metal Roofing Bracket SDS

    Ventilation Roofing Bracket, roof support, spiral duct support
    Used for supporting ducts with pipe clamps
    With M8 fixing thread
    Ajustable height

  • Zinc coated dial regulator DQS12

    1. We can promise you the lowest price
    2. Prefect quality
    3. All size can be offered

  • pipe clamp with rubber PCWR

    sizes from 80mm to 1250mm are available.
    For suspension of circular ducting
    With vibration-damper internal rubber lining

  • Split clamp for suspension duct SCOR

    sizes from 80mm to 1250mm
    Suspension clamp, duct split ring, spiral clamp, spiral duct clamp, pipe clamp
    We have complete in-house tooling workshop

  • Air Extraction Pvc Ventilation Valve

    With the connecting rod, bolts and within, reliable operation, long service life
    Devised especially for air supply and/or air exhaust

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